Then reassemble the camera mechanism. and screw it back into the camera back.

This method has advantages; there's no chance of glue totally sticking up the mechanism and you can make sure you get plenty of glue in so the whole thing will be really strong, but on the negative side there's more work involved and also I found that when reassembled, the winder wasn't exactly central to its slot in the case and it rubbed, which meant cutting away some of the plastic on the case so it moved freely. But, as mentioned, I haven't actually tried the easier method of dripping glue in without removing the winder. It's up to you which method you try!

With the rewind wheel glued solid its no longer possible to press the rewind button to allow the take up spool to run freely, the ratchet on the winder wheel prevents the film spool turning that way. In order to rewind the film, it is necessary to lift the ratchet. Here's how the rachet mechanism can be reched from outside the camera. Cut a small notch in the silver plastic case as circled below. When the camera is back together, this allows you to poke something (a pin, cocktail stick or something into the camera and lift the ratchet locking arm shown by the arrow.









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