Now, this may be as far as you need to go. When I fixed mine, I went further, but looking at it with hindsight it might be better to do the repair here. Note the picture below, the arrow is pointing to the area where the damage occurs, There's a tiny plastic key that locks the inner shaft and outer cylinder together when winding on. I continued to dismantle the mechanism in order to repair this, but I think it may be better (and easier) to glue it together at this point. Note that I haven't actually tried this though!

First you can remove the little wire spring by the rewind button, it will serve no further purpose. Next, and very importantly, ensure the rewind button isn't pressed in, i.e make sure the wind mechanism is in the normal position and that the camera IS NOT in "rewind" mode. Then, CAREFULLY drop a SMALL ammount of superflue (make sure it's fresh and runny!) onto the point marked with the arrow. Make sure it only runs in here, not around the outer cylinder or things! Leave for a few minutes. Test all is OK by operating the winder and pushing on the take up spool gently. The winder should still turn the take up spool. If it does, hurrah!







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