Interested in building a matchbox pinhole camera? A simple and cheap way to get into the amazing world of DIY Pinhole Photography!  More help in the Matchbox Pinhole Forum

Speed Mill No Dogs Fireworks, the morning after Pinhole Rose 5-minutes-28-seconds Psychedelic Spaghetti 

You Will Need...

  • A matchbox ! (standard matchboxes are usually just the right width for 35mm film)
  • A new roll of 35mm film.  Any type will do, but normal colour print film 100 or 200 speed works very well
  • An empty roll of 35mm film with at least 1cm stub of film sticking out.  Ask at your local photo labs, they normally throw away/recycle these.
  • Some thin cardboard (the box the new film comes in is fine)
  • An empty aluminium drinks can
  • Black PVC electricians tape
  • The plastic from a spiral binder, or any small piece of thin, curved plastic
  • A fine sewing needle or pin
  • Scissors
  • A sharp craft knife
  • A black marker pen


 Got everything? Good. Time to start building !







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