2019 UPDATE!!!!

The original photos for this fix are long gone. One day I will re-do them, but don't hold your breath! In the meantime, here are some photos of a VUWS that I repaired years ago. This one has already been fixed, so yours won't look quite like this, there will be an extra spring, and I have also chopped off the push-in rewind button (can't remember why I did this!!) and made some holes in the casing for a different multi-exposure mod, but that's another story....
Basic instructions. First, undow the screw in the top of the rewind lever and remove the lever and spindle. Next undo the screw on the side of the camera and the two screws inside the camera shown on the photo.
Next, using a plastic pry tool, or a guitar pick or similar, work round the edge of the case freeing up the clips. This isn't easy. Don't force it and keep patient!!! This allows the silver front of the camera to be removed, but you have to make sure you push in the shutter button and rewind button so that the casing can pass over them
Now refer to the photos showing the cenre of the rewind spindle. This is where the camera breaks and a little superglue has to be put where marked with an arrow. BE VERY CAREFUL! Only put glue where shown, if you get it in the outer part of the ring, the whole mechanism will lock up and you wont be able to wind the camera on. Remember, There will be a spring in there somewhere that you don't need. Its not in the photos here because it was removed when the camera was repaired.
That's it, put the camera back together.
That's all for now I'm afraid!






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